#Myanmar Government and Rakhine authority’s preplanned #Rohingya#Genocide continues Since June 2012, 1000s of Rohingya were killed

#Myanmar Government and Rakhine authority’s preplanned #Rohingya#Genocide continues 
Since June 2012, 1000s of Rohingya were killed, 1000s of Rohingyas’ houses were burnt down, 1000s of their properties were looted, and Myanmar Government keeps 1million Rohingya under blockage without means of survivals; no job, no medication, no school, and no chance to find food. More than 140000 Rohingya became IDP UN registered refugees and 20000 unregistered refugees. WFP and other organization give rice and beans but they don’t provide other necessaries such as onion, oil, wood for cooking. 
Today morning, 3 Rohingya from Nga Theit Chang refugee camp, Santetmaw of Pauktaw, went to find wood for cooking in the mountain. Till 2 o’clock afternoon, when they didn’t return, another 3 refugees went to find them. When they reached near mountain they saw blood on the ground, and came back to the camp, after that, another 20 refugees went to find them, they saw one dead body, Nur Husein, son of Saleh Ahmed 45 years old whose private part was cut, while he was bringing by them Rakhine security forces open fired to them to take back the dead body. 5 Rohingya hit bullets; Salim, son of Sayad Alam died on the spot and another 4 wounded, Badi Alam, son of Kasim Ali 34 years old and Ismail,son of Ukil Ahmed, 55 years old are very serious, they are under MRF for treatment now. 
I apologized for my tweets in which I wrote 4 died and 3 missing, when Nur Husein’s wife called me she was crying and phone line was not very clear, I called 3 different persons and confirmed the true story.
2 died 2 missing, one was killed by terrorists in the mountain, and another was killed by security forces to give back the dead body. Many Rohingya believe that terrorists in the mountain were either ALP or Rakhine security forces. They believe 2 missing Rohingya would be killed by terrorists. As they don’t have internet and they can’t send photos, reliable media should go urgently there to investigate the event. 
Now Rakhine are organizing to attack refugee camp at night time, Rohingya Refugees are in fear, no security, for Rohingya, Rakhine security forces and Rakhine terrorists are the same.
Killing and disappearing without a trace of Rohingya becomes a routine daily. 100s of Rohingya were missing, no one has a exact list of missing Rohingya. 
In Maungdaw, more than 600 Rohingya are missing within two weeks, some Rohingya brokers organized those to send Malaysia. As I mentioned before 3 boats sank or was sunk intentionally. When people asked the following brokers they denied organizing. Many people went to police to arrest them but instead of arresting those police scolded them. Those brokers names are:
1. Muhammad Ayub , son of Thahir,25 yearsold, lives in Shidda Ywa of Maungdaw.
2. M.V Ibrahim, 27 years old from Alay Than Kyaw Maungdaw, he has a shop in big market of Maungdaw, shop No.16C-1/2
3. Abdu Salam @ Kalamiah, 33years old, from Naya Fara(Gadu Sara)
4. Karimullah 28 years old, son of Abu Siddik, 28 years old from Italia of Maungdaw
Many Rohingya believe that blocking, using Rohingya brokers to persuade uneducated and abject poor Rohingya for leaving, sinking boat one after another, are being arranged by Rakhine authority systematically with the help of central Government. International Media and Observers should come to Arakan as soon as possible to figure out the reality. 
As Myanmar Government and Rakhine authority deny existence of Rohingya, they think missing, dying, leaving of Rohingya are not their responsibilities, it is responsibilities of Bangladesh. Many respected World leaders came to Myanmar to restore Rohingya’s right but Myanmar Government is still denying existence of Rohingya and killing, torturing, forcing Rohingya to leave the countries by Myanmar and Rakhine authority continues. Does no one have power on Earth to stop it? Those who hesitate to say Genocide in Burma! Could you please tell me what do you call this kind of inhumane persecution in your language?
Thank You


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